Friday, December 19, 2014

FREE 6 ARENA HEALTH REFILLS - notifications gift

Collect 6 Arena Health Refills for Free!

To welcome you back, 6 Arena Health Refills have been added to your account.

2x on the Double - Dec 19th

Build 2x items on a Global Property for the price of 1 item between 10:30 AM-11:15 AM PST(GMT-8) on Dec 19th

7 Day Deal Promotion - Icy Contention

 How the Deals work
  • Unlock a better deal for each day, for the next seven days.
  • Each deal offers you more items and more Skill Points for the same price: Day 1 deal comes with 1 item and 1 skill point for 45 Reward Points; Day 5 deal has 5 items and 5 skill points for 45 Reward Points.
  • Once unlocked, you can purchase a particular deal as long as you have purchased at least one more previous deal.Example: On Day 3, if you have 5 Day-2 Deals then you can purchase up to 5 Day-3 Deals.
  • Unlock Day 7 for the best loot item and Skill Points Deal.
  • This event will end on 29th December at 23:59 (PST).

  • Bassoonist - New Marketplace Item

    Won't soften the blow!
    273 Attack 336 Defense

    Collector's Edition Item - Nuclear Engineer

     Nuclear Engineer
    He's the bomb!
    271 Attack 337 Defense
    +Health 10 Health

    FREE Billetes from Mafia Wars Team

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