Monday, March 2, 2015

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Math Tutor - New Marketplace Item

Math Tutor 
Divide and conquer
347 Attack 284 Defense

Mock War : Croatian Mafia

Croatian Mafia Family popularly known as [CRO] will be celebrating their sixth anniversary with a Mock War onMarch 9 - 11, 2015.
To celebrate this occasion, Zynga and Mafia Wars is giving away a special Limited Edition item, Croatian Casing (340 Attack / 278 Defense) to all the participants and 10 RPs each to the top ten players who compete in this mock war.

Prepare yourselves for the fight!
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-The Mafia Wars Team

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

URBAN ASSAULT - Street Patrol (available for all players)


URBAN ASSAULT: Street Patrol
- in the game for all players - 

Mission Stations:
There are 30 Mission Stations in the city, each containing one or more tasks. Completing a task at a Mission Station will unlock adjacent Mission Station(s).
The icons above the Mission Stations indicate the type of task you’ll have to complete, so choose your next Mission Station and your overall path accordingly.

  • Start with the unlocked Mission Station at the beginning of the event and make your way to the Target.

Reward Stations:
There are 10 Reward Stations, marked with the Trophy icon, containing three tasks each. Completing a task and collecting the Reward will unlock adjacent Mission Station(s). The Bullets indicate the number of tasks completed at a Reward Station.
Reward Stations give out rewards, which get better with the second and third tasks.

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