Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Facebook Messages Issue


Facebook Messages has big problem.
Report it to Facebook if you have this or similar problem

Arena - with hearts


Arena with hearts - Valentine's Day decorations 

How to install the Game Bar


Mostly these options are not working, and you will not be able to install game bar through this esp for Mafia Wars game, and for some other games aswell.
But it is official and I am posting it.
For any further help with installing game bar for any Zynga game contact our admins on our fan page
Mafia Wars by Zynga

Well, here is official info!

Installing the Zynga Game Bar is easy! Simply follow these steps:

To install the Zynga Game Bar, please click on a link below.

Café World: http://toolbar.zynga.com/install/cafe/
CityVille: http://toolbar.zynga.com/install/city/
Empires & Allies: http://toolbar.zynga.com/install/empires/
FarmVille: http://toolbar.zynga.com/install/farmville/
Mafia Wars: http://toolbar.zynga.com/install/mw/
Pioneer Trail: http://toolbar.zynga.com/install/pioneertrail/
Zynga Poker: http://toolbar.zynga.com/install/poker/

To use the Zynga Game Bar you must be using Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3.6+, or Google Chrome. Support for additional browsers is planned for future releases.

1. Click Connect.

User-added image

2. Enter your Facebook email address and password, and click Connect.

User-added image

3. Click Install.

User-added image

4. Follow the instructions on-screen to complete the installation.

5. Firefox will restart and load your game automatically. The Zynga Game Bar will now be visible at the top of your browser.

War Rewards 22


War Rewards 22
 SVR Silverbite
159 119
 Short And Sweet
120 160
 Short-tailed Albatross
161 121
 Jagged Buckler
120 160
 NK Nightwolf
119 159
129 171
 Lucky Punch
170 128
 Tarpaulin Hoodie
172 130

Kaze Firestorm
172 129

170 131

The Daily Take With Minor Changes



On our players request, we've added the stats back to the Daily Take items.

Collect from the Daily Take now! : http://zynga.tm/c0v

New Arena Loot

New Arena Loot

Earn Crests in an Arena


Earn Crests in an Arena by finishing at the top and get a special reward. Be placed among the top 10 on the Leader-board and earn up to 500 RP.

The event ends on 14th February at 11:59 PM PST.

Fight Now: http://zynga.tm/bVu
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